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April 6: 30 Day Extension on Stay at Home Measures

Hello, my beautiful Salty Dog family! Apologies it has been so long since my last update. I'm still (like all of you, I'm sure) trying to wrap my head around all of the current events and keep up with the ever changing situation.

I hope you and yours are feeling good physically and mentally. I've still only been visiting 1-2 homes per day of essential workers that cannot work from home. But I have been keeping busy in down time making fabric masks to donate to local folx 😷✂️🧵. I have also unashamedly been taking advantage of some rest and relaxation since my typical Salty Dog schedule pre-COVID was pretty fast & furious. It's a terrible way to get some time off but an opportunity to slow the pace and reflect and be grateful.

Salty Dog will remain at current #stayathome service levels until the latest goalpost of April 30th. We will, of course, adjust this timeline as new information comes our way. Presently, I can still safely provide limited essential services and I'm here should an emergency present itself in your life. Please do not hesitate. I'm missing all of my fur friends and their little (or big) personalities. Feel free to post on Salty Dog's Facebook page or text me a picture of your floofs. It would do my heart some good as the days and weeks wear on. Be well. Stay well. Much love. Shani

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