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April 15: Normally Tax Day But What Is Normal Anymore, lol

Hello, ever resilient Salty Dog family! Just an update to let everyone know Barley, Finnegan and myself are doing just fine. I'm still operating under #stayathome guidelines and providing limited essential pet services. It's hard to believe we are in our 4th week of this new normal. It looks like we'll be in this holding pattern at least until the latest May 15th goalpost set forth by Governor Mills yesterday. I've had a little extra time on my hands 😉😏 so I've been making fabric masks for donation. If any if you would like one or more for yourselves, your family or neighbors just let me know (either on Salty Dog's Facebook page or text/email; no phone call or voicemails, they don't get through down here). My sewing machine is over 20 years old, can't wind a bobbin by itself anymore and, out of its 23 available stitches, it only remembers how to straight stitch 😂 but luckily that's all I need for these simple masks. I can send up to 10 to any one request and then an additional 10 every few days if more are needed. These are free and postage paid. I'm using up an embarrassingly large hoarding stockpile of quilting fabric and it is my way of sending love and care out to each of you in this long distance world in which we find ourselves so please do not hesitate if there is a need. Thinking of all of you and your furbabies who I miss SO much it hurts!!

Be well. Stay well. Much love. Shani

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