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Dog walker in Brunswick ME
Dog walker in Brunswick ME
Dog walker in Brunswick ME
Dog walker in Brunswick ME
Dog walker in Brunswick ME

No complicated service and pricing structure here!

At Salty Dog Pet Services we believe in keeping it simple. We are either going to do a quick check or stay awhile with your pet. Your choice.



$10    Pit Stop

A Pit Stop is just what it sounds like (+/- 10 min). We will look in on your pet and provide whatever essential function you need us to do: potty break, medication, replenish food & water. You tell us! It will always be done with plenty of TLC.

$20    Social Call

A Social Call is 20 +/- minutes of physical and mental stimulation for your pet. You design it! A

walk for your dog*, playtime for your cat, a conversation with your macaw, we will make sure your pet gets the attention you wish you could lavish upon them during your absence 

$60    Long Haul

The Long Haul is overnight service in your home while you are away at work or at play. Overnight hours are typically 7pm to 7am, any midday visits would be a la carte pricing and additional. OR perhaps, you are going away but don't require us to stay overnight in your home, the Long Haul can also be customized to three (3) visits (7AM morning, 2:30PM midday, 7PM evening tuck-in; a pet cam will be utilized with pet parent permission to monitor overnight). Not only is staying home in familiar surroundings less stressful for your pet, you will have less stress knowing your home is in our very responsible hands. Other a la carte pet sitting options are available and will be considered upon request.

Dog Sitting Schedule Options


(2 middays; no sleepover)





(1 midday; no sleepover)


7AM Departure/10:30AM/2:30PM/7:30PM

(2 middays; with sleepover)


7AM Departure/2:30PM/7:30PM

(1 midday; with sleepover)


Dog walker in Brunswick ME
Dog walker in Brunswick ME
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