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March 23: Keep Staying at Home and Flatten That Curve

Hello beloved Salty Dog family! What a long year last week was!😂Hard to believe we've only got one week under our belts since most understood the full scope of what was happening (myself included). I hope you all are strong of mind and of body as we continue to hunker down to slow the progress of COVID-19.

I am continuing to heed the guidelines of our public health officials and will not conduct non-essential business. But remember, if you need me for an emergency I'm hereand able to answer the call. I'm still healthy but I haven't been able to see my 70+ year old parents, who live in the same town as me, or 95 year old Nana, who still lives independently in Brunswick! I just won't risk them. And that has been difficult as they don't do much "tech" beyond email and my phone service is not great out here on the Neck. But this week I'm going to "try" to introduce them all to Zoom. Should be fun😏😂

I also just want to reassure everyone that I am not going anywhere. These are uncertain times for many reasons and for small businesses the economic impact of this will be felt long after we have flattened the curve on the virus. As a one-person owner-operated business, I can thankfully be fiscally nimble. So when we come out on the other side, Salty Dog Pet Services will still be here to love and care for all your floofs! I miss them all every day but my Barley and Finnegan are very happy to have their mama home more. In fact, they are pretty bored with me already HA!

I am very grateful for each and every one of you. Stay healthy. Much love.


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