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About us

After more than 2 decades of leadership roles in the corporate world, it was time for a change. I knew what I wanted to do and I had a plan to make it happen. But this plan would entail leaving my lifelong lucrative career, selling my home and moving to another state. From the outside looking in, some might have labeled it a midlife crisis, lol. I prefer to refer to it as a midlife epiphany! With my business acumen steeped in years of experience in sales, service, and leadership, I knew I could combine this with my passion for animal advocacy and with my love of the outdoors to create something wonderful for my next chapter. And Salty Dog Pet Services, LLC was launched.

Me and my dog, my heart, Barley

The seed for creating Salty Dog Pet Services, LLC was planted eleven years ago when I rescued my dog, Barley. Barley (who is now 16!) is my “salty dog”. In another life, he would have been the quintessential Old Salt of New England. He is stoic and a bit ornery. We, New Englanders, are known for being skeptical, even a little stand-offish but also with hearts of pure gold. That describes Barley to a “T”. Barley loves humans but is dog reactive, likely from his tiny stature and uncertain life as a stray on the streets of Los Angeles. As a result, dog daycare was a challenge for Barley. He would tolerate it, but he was not the social butterfly that dog daycare really benefits. And it was clear that he was not happy there, choosing to spend most of the day trying to stay away from the action with a permanent “whale-eye” look. So we needed a different plan for care while I was working and away from home 9+ hours per day. We needed a dedicated dog walker.


Finding one was hard. I didn't want just the neighbor's kid coming in my house (no offense, neighbor's kids. You're all quite lovely, but the list of people I trust with my dog is teensy tiny and when I saw you tie your shoelace around your brother's hand so you could pull him up the street while he sat on his skateboard because his already broken leg was in a cast and oh yeah you were going to ride your bike dragging him behind you from your didn't make the cut, lol). I wanted someone who would treat Barley just as I would in my absence. I wanted someone to address his essential needs of potty breaks and water, yes, but also someone who understood animals and would be observant of and responsive to his behavior all while giving him human comfort and most importantly LOVING him. I wanted someone who was mature, responsible and reliable. Someone who would know if something seemed “off” in the house and wouldn't shrug it off. Someone who would lock the door behind them when they left and then check and doublecheck the door to make sure it was really secure (and then maybe check it again, for good measure). I was looking for another “me”, lol.


So, when I started Salty Dog Pet Services, LLC, I did so with these things on my mind:

  • I was being purposeful about creating my next chapter in life by making sure it included my passions.

  • I wanted to make sure that all pets could get the care they need and deserve, but especially the “salty dogs” in our lives.

  • I would be the pet care provider that I would want to have.


When you invite me into your pet's world, I recognize what a huge leap of faith that entails. I understand and value the trust you are handing to me. All these little lives that are in my care become little pieces of my heart where they are safe and they are loved.


Warm regards and wigglebutts,

Shani Kiczek


Salty Dog Pet Services, LLC

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