Snowstorm Policy

"No such thing as bad weather, just bad gear"


It is Salty Dog's policy to operate in inclement weather and make every reasonable effort to get to your pets. HOWEVER, just because we are willing, it doesn't always mean we are able! Experience has shown that primary public roads in Harpswell are cleared throughout the storms but many secondary roads and private roads are inaccessible until many hours after the storm has passed. Often we are not able to get to properties until well after 3pm depending on the timing of the storm. If Harpswell Town offices and or local schools are closed for the storm, then Salty Dog will NOT be operating. We will cancel daily service in order to keep your pets, as well as our team of walkers, safe.

MSAD 75 will announce school cancellation by 5:45am.

Salty Dog will announce our closure on our website landing page, Facebook, Instagram, and via text/email to the clients scheduled on the day(s) affected no later than 6am.

If school is just delayed, Salty Dog will still provide services, but arrival time and length of visit may be altered and will be at the sole discretion of Salty Dog based on road safety and changing weather conditions. 

There are rare occurrences where, due to timing of a weather event, school will be cancelled but roads are cleared quickly and are safe later in the day. Limited services MAY be available on days such as these. This will be discussed on a case by case basis with affected clients on the day of the weather event and school cancellation, but a back-up plan for your pets is the best course of action on a school cancellation day. 

If the weather event happens when school is not in session (either on a weekend or school break) Salty Dog's owner, Shani, will make the call whether it makes sense to be on the road that day and all the above notification protocols will be followed. Keeping in mind, in most cases, your pet caregiver is not just making a driving trip to and from only your pet but to multiple pet locations throughout the day and road and weather conditions change quickly. We love to see your pets, but appreciate you using an alternate plan when there is a snowstorm consideration.


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